About Galactic Bioware

Galactic Bioware, Inc. is a team of designers and engineers that are working to increase the survivability of dangerous and extreme environments. Dangers come in many forms both man-made and environmental, including crime, terrorism, natural disasters and accidents, as well as the dangers involved in space travel and settlements. We are in the business of designing and manufacturing advanced human survival gear and elite performance equipment. Our gear enables people to survive and thrive in Earth's most dangerous environments and situations.

Galactic Bioware's research and development on Earth will enable us not only to be a leader in the emerging power suit market on Earth, but to be a first-mover and leader in off-planet protective equipment in the coming years as the human ambition for long duration space exploration and settlements becomes a reality. Our research into wearable thermal insulation, ballistics and shrapnel resistance, radiation shielding, high-speed impact safety, breathing and comfort apparatus will put us at the forefront of human life in space and on less-hospitable planets. 

We also want to offer as much protection in everyday clothing as possible - the world around us is full of uncertainty and new unknowns.  Our casual covert defense line offers ballistics, stab and shrapnel protection in comfortable, lightweight shirts, pants and more. We call this Protective City Wear, see our Civilian Armour. While we work towards the future, let’s make clothing work a bit harder in the present. 

Company Information

Galactic Bioware, Inc. - a Delaware Corporation

461 West 800 North
Salt Lake City
Utah 84103
United States of America

+1 (888) 272-6918

Galactic Bioware Pty Ltd - an Australian company

25 Hall St
Victoria 3013

Civilian Armour and Photoshoot Credits

We thank the team who worked so hard to put together the Galactic Bioware Civilian Armour. launched on 15th February 2021: Courtney Kim (Collection Lead Designer, Shoot Art Director), Paris Culbertson (Collection Designer, Shoot Lead Stylist), Saville Coble (Photographer), KJ McCann (Assistant Producer), Joseph Arodi (Model), Chelsea Battye (Model), Mark Getty (Model), Kamonwan Klomskul (Wardrobe Assistant), Samantha Coles (Hair & Makeup), Phillip Kingston (Producer).

Credits for the 14th March 2021 shoot:  Paris Culbertson (Collection Designer), Saville Coble (Photographer), KJ McCann (Assistant Producer), Kamonwan Klomskul (Wardrobe Assistant), Tom Lyons-Lee (Model), Lara Haas (Hair & Makeup), Phillip Kingston (Producer)

2021 Power Suit Video Shoot Credits

Credits for the 7th November 2021 video shoot: Sam Hill (Talent), Ren Leach (Talent - Suit Voice), Stefan Hass (Suit Design and Build), Nicholas Johnston (Suit Design),  Paris Culbertson (Suit Design), Josef Gatti (Cinematographer), Tom Dunphy (1st Assistant Camera), Kamonwan Klomskul (Makeup & Production Assistant), Phillip Kingston (Suit Lead & Producer), Stuart Tyler (Suit Electronics), Ramesh Manubolu (Suit Software), Jeremiah Rose (Suit Software)


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