Casual Technology

Galactic Bioware designed its 2021 casual collection to deliver maximum protection against the threats to personal safety present in big cities without compromising comfort or clean design.

Our collection employs a multi-layer system of fibers that aims to reduce the impact and injury level from gunfire, knife wounds and bomb shrapnel.

Outer Layer Mid Layer Inner Layer
Galactic Bioware Heavy Duty Cotton Drill Galactic Bioware Laminated High Modulus Polyethylene Galactic Bioware Advanced Polymer Lining
100% Cotton drill fabric is a durable and hard-wearing textile. Galactic Bioware uses a distinct 9.44oz/yd2 (320gsm) drill fabric with a subtle diagonal drill weave for additional structure and strength. Laminated high-modulus polyethylene whose long carbon chains serve to transfer impact load more effectively to the polymer backbone as a result of heavily strengthened intermolecular interactions. The mid layer is hidden between the outer and inner layers. Delicate blend of soft and smooth comfortable polyester with an advanced polymer weave provides extraordinary all-direction stretch ability, comfort, durability and moisture distribution for quick-dry.

Galactic Bioware General Garment Construction

  • Galactic Bioware uses heavy weight cotton drill 9.44oz/yd2 (320gsm), like many workwear brands, because it is one of the most durable, breathable and naturally absorbent fibers which doesn't show perspiration like many synthetics do. 
  • Our cotton drill doesn’t hold odors like other fibers so it is easier to maintain in everyday as well as stressful conditions. 
  • The protective layer used by Galactic Bioware is rigid, but has been specially cut, shaped and heat-molded to allow for natural movement.
  • Most of our garments leverage paneling that is twin-needle topstitched for strength and durability.
  • Our signature blue woven tape is a design feature that also prevents the waistband and other features from stretching over time. 
  • Galactic Bioware uses authentic VELCRO® fastening at hem as well as in welt pockets that use internal VELCRO® to prevent drooping.

Galactic Bioware T-Shirt Construction

  • Our T-shirts use a unique 4-thread stitching method incorporating woven paneling for strength and durability.
  • Our women’s bustier comprises a rigid top-layer, shaped & heat-molded over the bust for a flattering fit. This bustier is fully lined. It can be cinched at the waist with authentic VELCRO® fastening side straps.
  • Our men's t-shirt chest panel is secured at long edges only, to allow for maximum breathability and comfort.

Galactic Bioware Ranger Hood Construction

  • Galactic Bioware Ranger Hoods are made from 15 separate but overlapping protective soft-armor pieces, which allows the structure to mold around the head for maximum comfort and protection.
  • Our hoods collapse neatly when not being worn. 
  • The outer is our heavy duty 9.44oz/yd2 (320gsm) cotton drill panelled with double brushed French Terry 100% cotton 11.21oz/yd2 (380gsm) fleece with anti-odor and anti-static protection.
  • Our raglan fit allows for greater shoulder and arm movement.
  • All body seams are finished with 4-thread stitching, for strength, durability and stretch.
  • Shoulder paneling is darted for a great fit.
  • All pockets are lined in fleece for ultimate comfort

Galactic Bioware Manufacturing Location

  • All products are made in and shipped from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.