Product Vision

Galactic Bioware's products strive to increase the survivability of dangerous and extreme environments. Dangers come in many forms both man-made and natural including crime, terrorism, first and emergency responders to natural disasters and accidents, space travel and settlements.

In 2021, Galactic Bioware released its Civilian Armour for threats present in big cities at home, at work and in between as well as its plane and helicopter crash suit the Velociraptor and its advanced firefighting power suit the Fire Knight

Galactic Bioware's Power Suit Operating System (SuitOS) provides general functionality such as voice control, energy management, storage, diagnostics and communications to enable each of our specific suit applications.

Galactic Bioware is developing and commercialising power suits for the most extreme of Earth's environments to improve outcomes in those environments in the short-term as well as advancing the capability of power suits for space exploration and settlement applications. Progress comes from continuous improvement in suit design, energy storage and management, radiation and thermal insulation, propulsion and movement systems, communications and data systems as well as armour and protection systems.