Research Labs

Galactic Bioware has a number of research and testing facilities in Australia and the US for our Civilian Armour and our Power Suits. Research and development testing involves explosion, pressure, thermal, ballistics, stab, slash, flood, impact and deceleration tests which are conducted under controlled as well as realistic conditions. Galactic also relies upon third-party testing and independent certification facilities for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Inferno Chamber

Galactic Bioware’s 66 square foot (10m2) ventilated Inferno Chamber is rated to temperatures of over 1,832℉ (1,000℃) for testing Power Suits against extreme temperature conditions, direct flame contact and smoke inhalation.


Ballistics Range

Galactic Bioware’s 164 foot (50m) outdoor ballistics range enables rapid prototyping and testing of new ballistics defensive capabilities. Clay similar in density and malleability to humans is used for depression and penetration analysis as well as suspended (in air) panels to enable slow motion exit analysis.