Safety Notice

Galactic Bioware’s "2021 Casual Collection" line of bullet, shrapnel and stab - resistant clothing is for self-defense only. Any unauthorized, illegal, or malicious misuse, or modification of Galactic Bioware products after the purchase will subject the buyer to appropriate federal and state prosecution. Further, intent other than self-defense will likely result in reduced protection

While we are confident in the protective properties of our clothing, our products are not certified as body armor under NIJ standards who do not currently certify civilian products and should not be used for this purpose. While every effort has been made to maximise the protective properties of Galactic Bioware products, ballistics are unpredictable, and lab conditions may differ from real life. Galactic Bioware cannot, therefore, guarantee the protective properties of its products. 

For more detail and our conditions of sale, please read our Terms of Sale.