Sizing Information


Galactic Bioware - Men's Tops

Galactic Size (US) Chest (inches) Chest (cm)
S 38” 97cm
M 40” 102cm
L 42” 107cm
XL 44” 112cm
XXL 46" 117cm
XXXL 48" 122cm

Galactic Bioware - Men's Bottoms

Galactic Size (US) Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
S 32.5” 82.5cm
M 34.5” 87.5cm
L 36.5” 92.5cm
XL 38.5” 97.5cm
XXL 40.5" 102.5cm
XXXL 42.5" 107.5cm


Galactic Bioware - Women's Tops

Galactic Size (US) UK Size Bust (inches) Bust (cm)
US 2 UK 6 32" 81cm
US 4 UK 8 34” 86cm
US 6 UK 10 36” 91cm
US 8 UK 12 38” 96cm
US 10 UK 14 40" 101cm
US 12 UK 16 42" 106cm
US 14 UK 18 44" 111cm

Galactic Bioware - Women's Bottoms

Galactic Size (US) UK Size Waist (inches) Hip (inches) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
US 2 UK 6 24.5" 34" 62cm 87cm
US 4 UK 8 26.5" 36" 67cm 92cm
US 6 UK 10 28.5" 38" 72cm 97cm
US 8 UK 12 30.5" 40.5" 77cm 102cm
US 10 UK 14 32.5" 42" 82cm 107cm
US 12 UK 16 34" 44" 87cm 112cm
US 14 UK 18 36" 46" 92cm 119cm


How to measure

The measuring tape should be flat, but not too tight. Make sure that the tape measure is not twisted and is parallel to the floor. It might be easier to measure in front of a mirror.


Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. 

Women's Waist

Your waist is just above your belly button, between your bottom ribs and pelvic bones. Breathe deeply, relax your stomach and wrap the tape measure around your waist, allowing for a ¼ inch of slack.

Women's Hip

Stand with your feet together and measure around the widest part of your seat, which is often the widest part of your body.

Men's Waist

Measure around your waist just below the top of your hip bone or where you normally wear your pants. Do not measure over pants or a belt, make sure you measure against skin.

Growing up guarantee

For any of our young adult products (sized unisex for ages 10-18), we offer a special sizing guarantee.  We understand young adults grow out of their sizes much quicker than adults and to keep with our sustainability initiative, we are offering you the opportunity to exchange your size for a larger young adult size.  All you have to do is send in their old piece in good condition and we will send you a new size, all you will have to pay for is postage.  Better yet, the old size will be repurposed and sold to a new home.